Automate your current processes, or upgrade to a more efficient digitised workflow


adjective: digital;
  1. involving or relating to the use of computer technology. "the digital revolution"


noun: consultant;
  1. a person who provides expert advice professionally.

What does a Digital Consultant do?

Digital consultant web services

I make things happen. I'd like to think those "things" are good things!

I have a wide variety of experience with digitised products, management systems, and workflow processes. This experience puts me in a unique position to assist businesses looking to improve their current processes, or upgrade to a more efficient digitised workflow.

Sometimes that experience might result in utilising an existing platform more effectively, and sometimes that experience leads to a complete redesign and packaging of a custom-designed system.

I've been in the exact position of dealing with manual tasks and needing to improve my systems. I have a deep personal connection with those seeking continual improvement in all facets of their industry. I completely understand the positive impacts automated workflows can have, and the pitfalls, costs and time wasting of ineffective solutions.

Now, if you're thinking, "there's got to be a better way to do this!", there is, and its my job to help you get there.

How can I help?

services - custom workflow systems

Custom Systems

I develop a workflow system that suits your business needs, automates time-consuming processes and improves performance and reporting

services - website development

Website Development

Develop, upgrade or refine your website. Websites and your online presence should constantly be evolving and improving. Let me help you get the most from your digital footprint!

services - website coding solutions

Coding Solutions

Whether adding new functionality, or fixing broken ones, your website needs to be the best it can be. I have the skills, experience and knowledge to make sure it is.

services - database development

Database Development & Support

Unleash the power of the database. Put the "information" back into information technology with a database driven solution to power your business.

Have you found yourself in a digital quandary? I have the solution...
Help Me!

Scope: Developing an online presence

What do you want to achieve?

Have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve with an online presence?

Informational Website

Do you just want to communicate your opening hours, your contact information and what products or services are available at your place of work?

Online Shop

Or do you want to set up an online shop so you can have online transactions with your customers purchasing items without ever setting foot in the door?

Online Community

Do you want to have an online community following you, do you have information to share with an online community in a blog or video series?

Identifying what you want to achieve is the first step in your digital plan.

How are you going to achieve this?

Web, social, mobile, there are so many options for getting your information to your potential customers. Within each of these platforms, there are even more options.

Take an online webpage as an example. Is your webpage going to be a static page, for informational purposes only? Or will it be dynamic, requiring constant updates with new information such as an e-commerce site or a blog site? Do you want to set up community access and memberships? Is the information you have valuable enough for people to pay to see or hear it?

Knowing what tools are at your disposal, and how to use them effectively can be daunting. Knowing what you're capable of doing yourself, and what you might need to pay for someone else to do for you.

Current Website Portfolio

Hunter Valley Express is a transport company based in Newcastle, servicing Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and the greater Hunter Valley region. I developed their entire digital workflow system. I took the business from a pen and paper processes to an entirely electronic system that includes customer bookings, electronic consignment notes, driver scheduling and various other automated workflows.

picture showing Hunter Valley Express website

Lomani Fiji is an Airbnb in beautiful Fiji. The owner; Sasha, was looking to upgrade her site and bring it into the modern era. She wanted a website to complement her online presence across a variety of accommodation service sites including Airbnb and This was very much a project I enjoyed as I ♥ Fiji, its peoples and its culture.

picture showing Lomani Fiji website

Michael from All Property Media really wanted to update his website with a sophisticated modern look, to showcase his high quality property media portfolio. All Property Media look after 3D renders, Virtual Tours, Floor plans, Drone videography and photography and much more. He is a literal one stop shop for all the media related services you could need for a development project or real estate listing.

picture showing All Property Media website

Gary from BozFloors had a goal of creating a site to generate business leads for his carpet repair business. I created his site, optimised it for search engines and even taught an old dog some new tricks. Check out the review Gary left. He was very pleased with the outcome!

picture showing BozFloors website


ExTranSol is the home site and namesake of my flagship product. Its the nuts and bolts, online software application that powers Hunter Valley Express.

If you're after a custom-designed program that fits your business model, contact me to start a discussion that could dramatically improve the way you do business!

picture showing the ExTranSol website

My Preferred Hosting Provider

If you're looking for a hosting provider for your next project, I can't speak highly enough of the team at VentraIP. I've used several providers over the years, and I've been with VentraIP for over a year, and I can't imagine changing providers! They offer a full range of services, I have the flexibility to customise every aspect of my hosting packages, cpanel settings and DNS settings. Check out their services.


"I can not recommend Tristram highly enough. It is so refreshing to find someone honest, helpful and understanding who you can trust in this space and Tristram is all that and more. He has done a great job on my website and taught me a lot along the way." - Emma H; Shopify Customisation
"Tristram at Digital Consultant is professional, fast, highly competent and very patient. He changed the theme of my website within hours where another service provider said I would have to start a brand new website! Tristram also 'walked' me through my CMS website, showing me how I can make changes myself (saving $$$) and understands the lay person with limited knowledge of IT." - Lyndell G Website Customisation
"If you're not technically minded, then the only thing more difficult than navigating technical things, is actually finding someone who can, and makes the effort to understand your business and the technical challenges that need solving. Somehow I ran into Tristram's work, and since day one he's been on the ball, efficient, and incredibly detailed in all of his work on my wordpress e-Commerce store. Problems are thoughtfully navigated, there's loads of initiative, and I've been over the moon at how quickly problems have been solved, with Tristram being thorough and detailed every step of the way in explaining what was being done. A1 communication, and it finally feels like there is a conversational, human interface to technical challenges that I had no idea how to solve previously nor where to find good help. Legendary stuff and would recommend to anyone. " - Oli S E-Commerce Site Modifications
"Tristram was so professional from beginning to end. I would highly recommend his business to anyone needing help with web design, WP and all things internet! Fantastic!!!" - Sasha D; Full Website
"Absolutely legend. Went above and beyond throughout the entire project and delivered everything expected, then some. Such a quick turnaround, due diligent in his work ethic and supportive in getting everything set up!
Will definitely be working with him again. 11/10"
- George C Custom Coding
"I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tristram for all your website needs! He's knowledgeable, knows what he's doing, communicates well and explains the process with patience. He was super quick in delivering and went way above and beyond the task given. He helped me remove redirections from my website, reviewed unnecessary plugins, updated woocommerce shop buttons and product page. Very pleased and will definitely hire him again!" - Alisa P Wordpress Website Issues
"Super responsive and very knowledgeable, Tristram went above and beyond to resolve technical issue with my website. Thoroughly recommend his services!" - Jim K Fixing Wordpress Website Errors
"You won't believe it but it's happened; there's still such a thing as old fashioned considerate service. I was extremely fortunate enough to stumble upon Tristram when I was looking for someone to build me a website. He kind of just, appeared and overshadowed any other options, with exuberance and determination, and I'm glad he did.
Tristram made me a site that was exciting to watch come to life and he did so with careful consideration and communication. When it came to handing over the keys he guided me easily through the sites admin panel where I was to take control and prove my capabilities to him via a brief but thorough phone conversation. He set up things that I didn't even know were “things”. This bloke knows his stuff.
- Gary B; New Website
"Tristram was very helpful and walked me through to fix my issues. He was also very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to get his services again and will recommend him to my friends. :))" - Marie M PHP Website Coding
"Tristram was FABULOUS - humble and courteous from the get go, he went over and above expectations .... so much so that he's now my go-to guy for everything IT. A previous developer was unable to figure out how to fix the original problem, which was no issue for Tristram- he rectified it within 24 hours, with clear communication at every step. Just brilliant" - Julia D Wordpress Site Modifications
"Tristram is more then I ever expected. Forward thinking, professional and helpful. He's taken my task and developed my customer form to the next level ; saving me time, money and creating a fantastic experience for the end user. I highly recommend his services." - Rachael B Custom Coding